Strategic Debt Pay Down System For Business Owners

A Business-specific Approach to Systematically Paying Your Debts

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Strategic Debt Reduction System

Do you ever spend late nights staring at your bills knowing that your personal debt is holding your business back? If you only had a plan…

Well, now you do!

The Business Owner's Strategic Debt Pay Down System is for people just like you — owners wanting to manage or eliminate their debt obligations in ways that optimize not just their personal finances, but also their business's as well.

What to Expect with the Course...

What's included in the Business Owners' Strategic Debt Reduction system?

In this course, you will be given tools that allow you to:

  1. understand which debts hurt and which help your business
  2. use this knowledge to build an order that debts should be paid
  3. easily input these debts at your convenience
  4. automatically calculate the numbers by quickest pay off, by lowest interest, business-specific, or custom options
  5. see how much interest you will ultimately pay in each option
  6. and be given a monthly payment schedule to follow

...all specific to your unique needs as a business owner!


Your Instructor

Justin Goodbread
Justin Goodbread

As a highly driven entrepreneur and award-winning financial planner, Justin Goodbread has helped hundreds of businesses build comprehensive strategic plans, led them in assessing their systems and staff, and mentored owners into other value-growing practices. His experience-driven approach to planning is designed to lower stress, accomplish goals quicker, clarify employee roles, and build value in your most important asset — your business.

Justin is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Exit Planning Advisor®, and a Certified Value Growth Advisor™. He is also a member of Forbes Finance Council and is a contributor for Kiplinger, Forbes, NerdWallet, Fox News, Financial Planning Association, and others. For his work helping entrepreneurs get their businesses back on track, Justin was named the Exit Planning Institute's Leader of the Year and is a two-time winner of Investopedia’s Top 100 Most Influential Financial Advisors.